• Eeyaada application: Cloud and on-premise app for medical management
  • Eyaada website: hosting and design website for clinic , doctors and hospitals
  • Eyaada digital: Digital marketing fro clinic , doctors and hospitals
  • Eyaada Custom Application: Built specific software application as required
  • Eyaada Hospital: Full solution for hospital management.
  • Eyaada sms: sms package for sending notifications to patients
Eyaada Application


  • Everything in one place: All consultations, medications and investigations are in order.
  • No more prescription loss: You can forget the times you lost or forgot your prescriptions and investigation results
  • Accurate medical history: The medical history is recorded accurately, and every consultation and medication is dated.
  • Easy communication with doctors: Communicate with doctors, laboratories and hospitals throughout the messaging system.
  • Online investigation results: Medical laboratories and radiology centres could issue results online.
  • Easy follow up: The doctor could review investigation results and make follow-ups from home.
  • full billing system
  • Reports
  • Expenses